Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kolt turned 1!

Kolt and I share a birthday, which I love, gives me a reason to throw a big party for myself;) and Kolt!
This year we are going to focus on Kolt, because this is his numero 1.
Kolt loves getting into all of my drawers in the kitchen and pulls everything out.
He loves playing in the dishwasher, especially with the silverware.
Kolt does not walk yet, but he is starting to balance and since we clap for him every time he stands up,
he will quickly stand and clap for himself.  IT IS SO CUTE!
He always has his tongue out, has since the day he was born.
Kind of his trade mark now;)
He loves his brother and sister and wants to do what they are doing.
He goes up and down the stairs really well.
He really likes to walk along the couch or along the wall.
We got his a toy for christmas that he can walk and push, he loves it. 
(I guess I need to get a pic of him doing it)

We got a cake reeses peanut butter cut ice cream cake from cold stone, which was delicious.
not the ideal cake for Kolt to delve into for his 1st birthday.  But no fear I still plan on making him a cake to smash his face into.  
And don't worry, he isn't even going to care this it is a month late.


Sibbett_Ohana said...

WOW ONE Already??? Hope all is well and Happy belated birthday to the little man Kolt.

Erin said...

Yay for resolutions!!! I cant believe he is one! Your kids are so adorable

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