Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kolt turned 1!

Kolt and I share a birthday, which I love, gives me a reason to throw a big party for myself;) and Kolt!
This year we are going to focus on Kolt, because this is his numero 1.
Kolt loves getting into all of my drawers in the kitchen and pulls everything out.
He loves playing in the dishwasher, especially with the silverware.
Kolt does not walk yet, but he is starting to balance and since we clap for him every time he stands up,
he will quickly stand and clap for himself.  IT IS SO CUTE!
He always has his tongue out, has since the day he was born.
Kind of his trade mark now;)
He loves his brother and sister and wants to do what they are doing.
He goes up and down the stairs really well.
He really likes to walk along the couch or along the wall.
We got his a toy for christmas that he can walk and push, he loves it. 
(I guess I need to get a pic of him doing it)

We got a cake reeses peanut butter cut ice cream cake from cold stone, which was delicious.
not the ideal cake for Kolt to delve into for his 1st birthday.  But no fear I still plan on making him a cake to smash his face into.  
And don't worry, he isn't even going to care this it is a month late.

it is time...

I need to start blogging again.  
I need to keep a record of these 3 beautiful kiddos lives.
I feel bad for poor Kolt.  
His first year of life has just flown by and I did not do a very good job about updating his accomplishments.  
So here I go, 
I guess we can put this as one of my new year resolutions, along with eat more ice cream and run a marathon:)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

pumpkin carving

For F.H.E. we had the Roberts and the Mckie's over for 
some dinner and pumpkin carving.
We listened to Pandora's halloween mix while carving out pumpkins,
F.Y.I. just by typing in monster mash, we did not have a fabulous selection,
even though everyone tells me that is the way to get a good Halloween selection.
Krew thought pulling out the pumpkin "guts" was really gross.
 Jonah was a big help and LOVED cleaning out the pumpkin
 carving is an intense process

Saturday, October 29, 2011

nice try.

I thought it would be fun to try and get some pics of the kids together after church...
nap time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

picture day

Every day is a fight when Kali is deciding what to wear.
It goes something like this,

Kali: Mom, I don't know what to wear.
Me:  Ok, Kali how about this.
Kali:  No, I don't want to wear that.
Me:  Ok, then you pick something, you can wear what ever you want.
Kali:  But, I need you to help me.

OK, see how endless this conversation is, it makes me tired just typing it.
So now we have established how frustrating Kali's daily choosing clothes routine it,
well picture day was that times 10.
I did not realize how dramatic a kindergartener could be about getting ready for school.
I decided to surprise her with a fun butterfly necklace to make her feel 
special and beautiful on her picture day. 
 She was pretty excited about that.
 While Kali was getting ready for school, Kolt was helping me with the dishes;)
 and Krew was being is normal crazy self.
 after school I had Kali do a couple of poses for me on our walk home
 and Krew got upset because he wanted to pose for me as well;)  
He is so funny when he flexes his muscles.  
He does the build up slowly and then POW, strong muscles.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Country Mercantile Harvest Festival

We went home for the Harvest Festival and loved every minute of it.
 Kolt is normally shy around people, but he went right to Monique.  
 Kali got to talk on the train radio and told everyone all of the rules.

Ride out to the pumpkin patch

Kali was trying to see how strong she was.

 Krew was showing me how strong he was, using the pumpkins as weights.

I just love this picture, I told the kids to find their perfect pumpkin and this is what 
Krew did when he
found his;)

 after we all picked our perfect pumpkin we were off.
 roller coaster time
 Kali and Krew would have been content just riding the roller coaster all day.
Kolt on the other hand was not all that impressed.

 pony rides were fun, and Kolt LOVED his ride.  
He was bouncing up and down with his body and laughing.

 surfing the wagon, this girl surfs everything